Sharepoint figures don't match

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Apologies if this is a daft question, but I need to export a list of file names from a sharepoint site. 


When i look in the admin console it tells me the site contains over 15 million files. This isn't that unexpected as its an archive of a legacy document management system. 


When I check the site contents it tells me 'Documents' has nearly 9.5 million files and over 6 million in the preservation hold library - I'm surprised thats so high as i don't believe this area has been actively worked on, but as i wasn't involved in the original migration then i'll go with that and we're still at 15 million.


when i map a drive to the site though and try to export a list of file names from the command line i only return around 98000 (files and folders) results. Doesn't seem to be hidden files or anything like that.


Hopefully I'm missing something obvious as to the missing millions of files - if anyone can point out where i'm going wrong it would be much appreciated.





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