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Hi - I am working with a team to upgrade our intranet to the newest version of SharePoint.  Are there any features that allow employees to post Q&A, create a user profile, and also alert employees of internal job openings that they may be a good match for based off of their skillset?  TYIA

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@Ally_626 on our intranet we use Microsoft Forms for users to ask a question which then gets saved via a Power Automate flow to a list in SharePoint. The answer is added to the list by the relevant person and is displayed on the (SharePoint) intranet via a JSON-formatted list view:



Although we don't get users to create their own profile, if we were to do this I would do this either  with a Microsoft Form or a Power Apps form with a dropdown list of skills. There would be a separate list of job vacancies with the skills required. A flow in Power Automate could then be run automatically every day (a recurrence schedule trigger set to 1 day at whatever time you want) to loop through the list of vacancies and send an email to anyone on the profile list with the relevant skill.


It's all a bit of work to set up but is definitely do-able.


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