SharePoint extremely slow when using Managed Navigation with friendly links

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My site was almost ready last week before I decided to apply permissions to sites and sub-sites. I've implemented a mega menu with 6 static display levels using term store. All links in term store were converted to friendly URLs from Simple links last week. Now the site performance has reduced drastically. From being a fast site it has gone down to being extremely slow taking about 20 seconds or more for a page to load! The users of the site are not happy and neither am I. I am wondering if there is any way the performance can be improved?

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@na0719 Hi if you read the docs at you see that permissions will impact performance (implied by the wording)


The first option, Managed (Metadata) navigation, is recommended, and is one of the default options in SharePoint Online; however, we recommend that security trimming be disabled unless required. Security trimming is enabled as a secure-by-default setting for this navigation provider; however, many sites do not require the overhead of security trimming since navigation elements often are consistent for all users of the site. With the recommended configuration to disable security trimming, this navigation provider does not require enumerating site structure and is highly scalable with acceptable performance impact.


Building custom menus based off search is often a better solution for these scenarios.

@Mikael Svenson I am using Managed Navigation. However, I looked for the option to disable Security trimming but could not find it. Can you guide me as to where I can find this option?


I haven't yet explored menus based on search. I would ideally like to improve performance on the current structure since it is now up and running but will also have a look at search based implementation. As long as I am able to create a mega menu similar to what I have with managed navigation, I should be ok.

@Mikael Svenson found it! I can't believe I have been looking for it since yesterday but could not find it. Just disabled Security trimming and the difference in performance is significant. I'm ecstatic! 


For those who are facing a similar issue, you can find security trimming under Top level site settings -> Site Collection Administration -> Site Collection Navigation.


Good luck to all. At least I know I'm going to start my weekend with a smile on my face :smile:

Happy you found it :thumbs_up: