SharePoint Extranet between tenants

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I have setup a SharePoint online Extranet site which I would like to allow access to for some of our other Office 365 tenants to be able to access. I have already followed this documentation but when our other tenants try to access the Extranet site they still need to request permission. I would like them to be able to access the site as long as they are logged on with their own Office 365 accounts and not have to request access. Is this possible?
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Have you added the guests with the relevant permissions on the SharePoint site - for example adding them to the Visitors group?
Will try that, can it not be done through Azure Active Directory and identity governance?
You could use identity governance features to manage the life cycle of access, including access to resources like SharePoint, yes. Do you have licenses for identity governance?
I have access to identity governance in my tenant yes. Do you have any other info on how I can set this up in identity governance?