SharePoint external user asked for MS credentials with MS Entra B2B integration enabled

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I have just now received a feedback from a user that has externally shared a TEAMS recording and the external user is not able to access the recording. The external user is asked to provide MS username and password.


I have tested myslef also to share a file from sharepoint to my gmail account and got the same experience.

I have “Microsoft Entra B2B integration for SharePoint & OneDrive” enabled and Email One Time Password allowed in "External Identities | All identity providers"


I see the guest account is created in MS Entra so and I would expect One Time Password to be sent to an email external user, … not really sure why it is asking for MS credentials.


Included is the screenshot of the external user experience



when I select "Sign-in options" I get


If I select "Can't access your account" I get



Has anything changed?


The only change I can see is that the MS managed conditional access policy that enables all users has automatically switched from read-only to ON recently.... I've tried to exclude guests (didn't allow me) but guests should not be included there anyway from what I see when checking the configuration....


What do I miss here?




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after further research, I guess the root cause is MSA (Microsoft account) enabled for "external identities"...

Now trying to find a way to disable it for external guests.... As there is no easy way to "disable" it, similar as Email OTP for example....

Any help would be appreciated... as can't figure that out for last few days.... I've read through "self-service sign-up user flows" options ... but I haven't found how this can be used for SharePoint external sharing.