SharePoint Export to Excel data connection refresh issue

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Hi Team,


I have created a list on SharePoint and want to be able to create a data connection between this list and excel.


The first requirement is that when infomation is updated on the SharePoint list, I need to be able to simply click refresh all in excel and the changes made in the SharePoint list will then automatically update in excel. This is working fine.


My problem lies in the second requirement below.

The second requirement is that I want to be able to add my own columns in the excel e.g. a Comments field so I can make my own notes for each SharePoint item I only want these notes only to be reflected in excel.


Screenshot below shows that Task 1 is aligned to Comments 1 and so on.




When I add a new task into the SharePoint list and then click refresh the excel file, the comments should be still aligned to the task. 


Screenshot shows Task 4 being added.



However when I refresh the data connection, Task 4 has correctly been added to the excel file but it Task 3 comments is now blank and Task 4 has comment 3. 




Task 3 should have still contain comments 3 and Task 4 should have no comments as per the comments below.














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I would try to create another Excel file and link everything from Excel A to Excel B and create a task in there.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.



@Alireza Rahimifarid i added another sheet but seems that issues is at workbook level. Anybody got any resolution?


I'm having the same trouble. Has anyone found a solution?