SharePoint Events Webpart events capability

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Hi Community! 


I would like to be able to execute a few things: 

- Copy existing events so I don't have to recreate the entire thing multiple times 

- Be able to drop to the invites regardless of the layout I pick 

- Create new categories straight from the main event page, versus the classic SPO 

- Create recurrent events and display each event individually on the event webpart, versus dropping the recurrent ical that blocks the entire calendar for all the events that are part of the recurrence.. 


I don't really know where to vote on stuff like this.. I am not looking for a workaround just some updates to be done to this events functionality

Thanks all! 



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I don't think this is supported Today in the Events WebPart. However, you could try to use the new Calendar view we have in modern lists that for instance can help on copying existing events.
The calendar view, allows to view but users can not drop events to their calendar. Thank you Juan.