SharePoint error when Opening in IE Mode

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Not sure if anyone has seen this error details 'globalThis' is undefined. Error only generates when you are trying to load the webpage via Internet Explorer. However due to the usage of the SharePoint we have we reference UNC paths to call open network share folders which only works when ran via IE mode. A few months ago Microsoft had a similar issue with IE mode and SharePoint where it kept throwing an spx loader error...


Come on Microsoft. Either pull the plug completely on IE and

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I started receiving this same issue in 3 of my tenants.  I "reported a problem" with Microsoft and they said it was unfounded.  So, I now have a support ticket open and have a call today to go through it.  I'll post an update if we find anything.

That would be awesome! Yeah i did report a similar issue through the 365 admin console. Came back the same as you. No issues found. I do know prior to the error there was a Edge update so im betting that is what is causing the issue.

Thanks for keeping me posted when you find out information.

@Karl_P88 Although Edge continues to contain IE mode, and certain legacy Microsoft products and services continue to support IE mode through the end of their life cycle, SPO/M365 ended support for both IE and IE mode in August of 2022.  Please refer to Prepare your SharePoint environment for the retirement of Internet Explorer 11 - SharePoint in Micro...

We have some users with similar problems, also on Chrome. The same message appears when trying to access sharepoint sites.
Has anyone already found a solution?

@AndreiaDP Not yet.  I've had a few calls with Microsoft to get logs, but they haven't come back with anything yet.