SharePoint Drag and Drop default behavior has changed

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When I drag and drop files in SharePoint, (in the same library) the files are now copying by default, they used to Move by default. I tried pressing the Ctrl Key while dragging in an attempt to move the file but it still copied. 

Using Edge Version 125.0.2535.79 (Official build) (64-bit). 

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@Colin123 this is a big problem and a sudden and significant change.

The value of SharePoint is in NOT propagating the same file over and over, but SHARING one file instead. This will inadvertently create many versions in different spaces and create a lot of confusion - what SharePoint is supposed to be solving. It is far move intuitive to assume you are MOVING the file when you are... moving the file. 

The default should be: dragging and dropping within SharePoint is a MOVE. 

This has also started happening in Teams, when you browse for and click on a subfolder file to LINK it to a post, even in the same team, it will create and drop a copy of the file in the General channel.  Again, completely defeats the purpose of assuring all are referencing the same file.  

Really hope this bad design decision will be reversed. 


Well I found the solution.
It depends where you pick the file from. If you pick the folder icon it will copy what you drag and drop, if you select the filename it will move the file. I wonder when this feature was added. :)


Move: Select files to move, then click and hold one of the filenames to drag and drop


Copy: Select files to move, then click and hold one of the file icons to drag and drop