SharePoint doesn't warn when setting maximum file size greater than allowed limit

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As we know in SharePoint 2016, the maximum allowed file size is 10GB (default is 2GB) but when I try to set a file size greater than 10GB in Central Admin then it doesn't actual warn or show error and happily accept that value.

Same is the case with PowerShell i.e I am able to set a value higher than 10GB and it doesn't show any error.

So, if I set value 20000MB then will I be able to actually upload such file or will it show error?


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Hi @FrankMartin1610 

If you need to upload files larger than 10GB to SharePoint 2016, you have two options:

  1. Use Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). RBS is a feature that allows you to store large files in a separate location, such as Azure Blob Storage. This can help to improve the performance and scalability of your SharePoint farm.
  2. Use a third-party solution. There are a number of third-party solutions that allow you to upload and manage large files in SharePoint. These solutions typically provide additional features, such as file encryption and compression.


I recommend using RBS if you need to upload files larger than 10GB to SharePoint 2016. RBS is a built-in feature of SharePoint and is relatively easy to implement and manage.