SharePoint doesn't update holiday calendars in a new view

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I have created a new calendar view so that colleagues can include their holidays in it.
The fact is that in this new calendar view, the vacations of the colleagues who start their vacations in the current month and finish them in the following month do not appear (Pic 1).
However, if I go to the next month (Pic 2) and return to the current month, the holidays already appear (Pic 3).
I don't know how to fix this error/problem. I hope you can help me, thanks.


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@RobertoOlmo I am unable to reproduce this issue on my SharePoint site. I just tried creating a item in calendar view starting on 31st Aug & ending on 5th September and it is shown properly in calendar view on first time page load:  


  1. Is this calendar web part set as default view of list?
  2. Can you try clearing browser cache once?

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Sorry for the late response... I've tried what you say and it may be a reason. Indeed, the PC that happens to me is a PC that I never turn off, so the cache is not deleted. I have tried to access from another computer and it does appear. However it is a mistake that happens to many more people in my office. Tomorrow I am going on vacation, but in 1 week I will return and continue with the tests following the manual that has been attached to me. Please, do not close the incident yet to continue the thread when I return on August 23. Thank you!
After being able to verify it, it indeed seems that the solution is to clear the cache (both in the browser and in Teams, which was where the problem was giving us).
I would only have one question: Is it possible to automatically clear the Teams cache? The solution that I have found on the internet is to delete the contents of the folder "%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams"