Sharepoint Documents only first page randomly

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I have scoured the internet and not found the answer yet. 


We have a document library containing our various Policies. When we open the policies on of the following will happen: 

  1. It opens fine
  2. Page 1 will contain a small red cross in the top left corner and the rest of the pages are fine. Refreshing the page usually makes it open correctly.
  3. Only the front page loads. Refreshing the page usually makes it open correctly.

It appears completely random, not associated to a user, a PC or any particular document. You can open document and get one of the problems and you can open it again 2 seconds later and its fine. 


The only solution I have found online is to make sure that your browser is up to date. I am using Edge and its up to date. 


I am unable to recreate the issue today to post any screenshots, but has anyone else seen this?




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