SharePoint Document preview navigation - using when linking directly to a file

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We're exploring using a SharePoint online document library to store a large set of PDFs and TIFs of engineering drawings.  There are probably 5,000 drawings. Our staff regularly reference these drawings, and really need to be able to easily navigate to the previous/next drawing.  

The SPO preview navigation seems like the perfect fit.  They can use these navigation buttons. 




Here is the wrinkle: to help them find the initial drawing, we provide them a mapping interface (using an ESRI tool), and have a link to the file on the map.  In all of our testing, when we link directly to the file, then the system doesn't see all the neighboring files, so the navigation is lost.



Is there a way to format the direct link so that it "sees" the neighboring files, and allows the navigation?


@Stephen Rice , I saw you were tagged in some previous posts along these lines, and I'm hoping you might be able to help me in my search for an answer.

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