SharePoint document list: different column views for different folders

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Is there a way to only display specific columns in a specific folder?
I have a list with our training materials that I want to share with the whole company - for that one folder, it would be great to see an extra column with the topic of the training; but I don't need this column practically anywhere else in the SharePoint site.

Can I display this extra column in only one folder?

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@julisp Unfortunately, No.


This is how SharePoint document libraries work. When you add a column in document library view, it is added at library level & not specific folder/file level.


So, if you change any library view settings (like grouping/filters/sorting), change will be applied at document library level & not folder/file level.


There is no SharePoint out of the box way to show/hide the column for particular content types (folder/file).


However, you can create a separate "view" in your document library if it helps. Check: Create, change, or delete a view of a list or library 

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hi @ganeshsanap

thank you for the reply!

i was actually able to find a setting to achieve this:

it unfortunately doesn't seem to work on sub-sites, but it's very close to a solution i needed.