SharePoint Document Library speed?

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I am wondering if having a larger SharePoint document library can result in slower access. I am aware of the 5000 item list restriction, and it will not apply to our scenario as all files will be in various folders/sub-folders. So my question is: Would a SharePoint document library with ~120k files load/search/etc. any faster than one with say ~600k files?





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Hi @Ahmad123,


I have never worked with such a huge single library. For all my projects I used retention policies and automation to keep documents and records ordered. Anyway, the Library's perfromance depends on many parameters, such as configured indexing, views configuration, number of items per view / per library, etc.

Here, you may find some clues about configuring large libraries.

Theoretically, the difference between 120K and 600K items per library in terms of performance could be noticeable. I afraid, it's inevitable.

However, you may improve the performance with better views configuration, indexing and automation to keep the number of items per library reasonable (if applicable).


Best of luck!

Thanks @olegmelnikov,


I will look into that.

@Ahmad123 please, let me know, how it works for you.