SharePoint Document Library: Print Version Number on Excel File

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I have version control enabled on a SharePoint document library and I'd like the documents in the library (Excel files) to print out with the current version number. Is there a way to do this? If not, is this being considered?



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Hello @Chris Pritty,


You can the Version column to the view. Printing the version number would come from within Excel and not SharePoint.



I hope this helps.




@Norman Young I want the version number from the SharePoint library to be available in the Excel file (visible on the Excel file in the header or footer when printed). The reason for this is so you can identify the document version after it's been printed off.


Having the version number (or revision date) on the documents is ISO requirement for many corporations and SharePoint should support this functionality.


That is not a sharePoint issue, its an Excel issue. Last time I tried to do this we had to write custom code to get that kind of data in an excel file footer

@Dean_Gross It's a "Microsoft Issue" - LOL


Microsoft - Please make this happen... It's HUGE.

the best way to get this done is to add an item to UserVoice and then others can vote on it. That is where the dev teams go to review requests like this.
Hi Chris,

Did you find a solution to this? I am creating a new document management system in SharePoint that applies automatic numbering when a document is uploaded. For Word files it is easy to add the document and version number in the footer of the file. However, I am struggling to find an answer on how to insert the same to the Excel files.

Hoping you can help.
How die you manage to get the version number show up in the document? I tried to do it via the label quick part but it didn’t work out. I also read something about that it is deprecated or not supported anymore..?
Thanks, Marina

@Dean_Gross Can you share the script/code you used to achieve this please?