Sharepoint Document Library - Item Count No Longer Goes Down

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We've been using a few document libraries for over a year now and after figuring out a few quirks we've got it to a somewhat functional standard. One of these quirks was to keep each document library below 100,000 items otherwise we'd experience slowdown with Onedrive during day to day use.


We set up a regular archive process to move off files older than 3 weeks old, we'd then remove them from the recycle bin and second stage recycle bin and as a result, our item count would reduce down to what we'd call a healthy level and functional performance would resume.


As of recently, doing our archive process no longer reduces the item count. Mac Inspector shows one of our document libraries at 65k, however Sharepoint shows it at around 80k. In another, inspector shows 70k whilst Sharepoint shows 120k files. Each day the number increases and nothing we do or delete seems to reduce the count.


Has something changed recently? What am I missing?


Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 08.00.18.pngScreenshot 2021-10-27 at 07.59.59.png


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