Sharepoint Document Library Columns Data Populates Random Information

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I created a sharepoint document library.  The default column data has no defaults set and should be blank.  However, anytime a document is drag/dropped into the document folder; the column populates data in the columns from a previous and different folder in the same library.  It is really annoying and confusing people.  

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@jhammons Check if your documents have file properties associated with them which are populating column data in SharePoint library.


Open your excel file > click on File menu at the top left corner > select Info > check Properties section at the right hand side.



Similar like this: Can I map the word document properties inside SharePoint document library 


If you have same properties like your document library columns, you will have to remove those properties from file before uploading to SharePoint.

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There is nothing in the information properties. It copies the column data from the last "edit in grid view" change is what it appears. I might use PowerAutomate to just clear the values but I feel like this is just a work around a problem in Sharepoint.