SharePoint Document Library Column Width on mobile

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Hi All,

I'm new to SharePoint Online and I've got what I hope is a simple problem I could do with your help with!


Our users have started to interact with document libraries on their mobiles (new to us), but they are struggling to locate correct files as some of our files have long titles.


I've been trying to work out a way to expand the Title column width on my mobile, but with no success. We can't figure out how to drag a column wider on a mobile, or save a view with a wide column which is respected on mobile.

I've tried the following:
- Enable mobile view in features (column still gets truncated)

- Increase column width in browser, save as a new view (column isn't then wide when viewed in mobile)

- Have viewed in browser, through Teams and through the SharePoint App.

- Have tried portrait and landscape orientation when on mobile browser (doesn't rotate on app)

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