Sharepoint dissapeared from office 365 apps

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We have a problem that the sharepoint 365 icon disappeared from the office 365 start page.


I can still visit the individual sharepoint sites. But there is this overview page that can be reached from the Office 365 start page.




In the office 365 start page, I can click "All apps" and even here no link to sharepoint is available.





I can go to administration and open Sharepoint administration.... 

Here I can see the sharepoint SiteCollections. And the sitecollection that we use has only used up 0.3 percent of the total quota.

However, at the top of the page there is a message that all sources have been used. Is this something that could be related?




As I said, I can still visit our sharepoint sites individually and add data inside of the sites.


I'm just missing the sharepoint icon in the apps overview and wondering if this is part of a bigger problem?



Thank you !


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i noticed there were some problems today with SharePoint. is it still gone?

Had this problem awhile back, just had to close out of all my browsers and go back in and it was there. Something cache was causing it to not show up, or it was just a serious case of coincidence.


Still not there.


Hopefully it's just temporary. Your replies are atleast somewhat reassuring that this has nothing to do with some setting that we may have unwittingly changed. Thanks for that.


Tried with my work computer, laptop from my colleague and my home computer. All have the same problem.


Will update later on.

The only thing that would remove that is removal of sharepoint online license, go make sure some script or something didn’t remove this out on you or everyone :). You can still access sites without etc.

@ErdYar We have the same issue plus our OneDrive app is missing as well. We are able to access our SharePoint sites and OneDive sites but the apps are missing from the 365 start page and all apps.



@ErdYar Is this affecting all users or only some few?

Perhaps try to disable and re-enable SharePoint application for the specific user.

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Aref Halmstrand

I have the same problem @ArefHalmstrand. I tried to desable and enable the Sharepoint App, but it didn's solve the problem. Any help would be apreciated.