SharePoint Designer - Could not Save List changes to server

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Hi All,

     I was working with this issue for past two days. Please help me.

I am Working in SharePoint Online & SharePoint Designer 2013. Designer was working fine, but suddenly when i try to create new form it shows me error "Could Not save List changes to server". or eve when i click save in existing form it is not saving.


I tried the answers from google, but didnt work!!!!

Cleared cache in C:

Tried Refresh icon in SharePoint designer

Created a sample sample site and few columns in the List (no look ups)

Reinstalled SharePoint Designer 2013 and tried


Is there is any update running on MS Side?








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@Alireza Rahimifarid 

Thanks for your Response. Can u please help me in how to customize forms hereafter.

Any other alternative to SharePoint Designer? For Work Flows also we were using SharePoint Designer only. Powerapps does not meet those requirements right? What IDE to use for SharePoint Online Forms?


Thanks in Advance



@Annamsoft are you now using SharePoint Online in Office 365? If so, then SharePoint designer won't work. For Forms we now have Microsoft Forms for internal or external forms submission. For a SharePoint form you can use a customised Power Apps form instead of the standard SharePoint Form. For workflow we now have Power Automate which links them all up together really well.


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Hi Rob Elliott,
Thanks for your response, Yes am using SharePoint Online in Office 365. I chose SharePoint designer to prepare classic, customized forms to fit in desktop, while in Power apps its for devices right?.
I need an IDE which does similar as Sharepoint designer do. Please help!

@Annamsoft  no, Power Apps is for desktop/laptop as well and is how I use it (as well as using it on my smartphone).


Power Automate integrates SharePoint with other apps and, with Power Apps, provides you with the modern IDE.  You really can't use the retired SharePoint Designer now unless you have on-premise SharePoint.


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Thank you so much .

I have a doubt how to customize forms using power apps for desktop. Because I customized in powerapps and added as an web part in modern page, it works!

Any links for classic page? I want to open and customize my site forms(aspx) from list.

I just want NewForm.aspx to be modified as i did in SharePoint designer. Any help.?

Am using Sharepoint Online. Sample New form is attached







@Annamsoft forget everything you did in SharePoint Designer, it's all different now, From a list in SharePoint Online, click on Power Apps and select Customize forms.


I don't think it works in a classic page.



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@RobElliott  Hi, I have also come across this issue since 30/04 when trying to customise forms when using the "Classic" UX in Sharepoint Online.

We use "Classic" because we have a branded master page and style sheets, use target audiencing and script editors, none of which are possible using the "Modern experience".


We still use designer for workflows since the 30/04 but still need to be able to customise forms. 


Please can anyone advise where to go from here.

Many thanks


@Ian_C_FCcom We've been using SharePoint designer to customize forms up to now.  Since today, I get the error: Cannot save list changes to server.  I have a lot of SharePoint sites with customized forms, do we have to rebuild them all with powerapps?  I don't get the same result with powerapps though.


Best regards,


Hi @mpoppe
I am after this answer too. All our sites use the Classic UX and any customised forms are done in SP designer or Infopath, neither of which are supported using the Modern UX 

@Annamsoft In the left hand navigation, click on Lists and Libraries, then your list... next do a ctrl-c and ctrl-v on the NewForm.aspx file.  Rename it to what you want, then, go create a new Form the normal way you would.  Name it the same thing, click save, and you'll get the error again but the file shows up now.

@MetroShare Solutions  Thanks but this Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V doesn't work when in the online environment as it tries to paste the full path name and "/" are not allowed


I am using a local server.  Microsoft Forms and PowerApps are not options for us.  What is the recommendation for custom forms in my situation?

@MetroShare Solutions   The issue with the copy/paste method is that it provides the default new form code, not the HTML that a custom form would provide. This makes it VERY difficult to customize the fields.


I also am having an issue due to this. I'm unable to delete read only columns, particularly the columns that were generated from a sharepoint workflow being created. This function to delete columns from a list is not available in power apps or power automate and the sharepoint UI does not show the column I am seeking to delete.

Please advice how I can delete these columns without using SPD 

@Annamsoft So I solved this by updating the alternate access mappings. I included {protocol}://{servername}.{domain}.{tl} and {protocol}://{servername}

@Annamsoft  There are various reasons why you cannot save list. Try to create a new list with just one column and you should be able to save it. So there is something wrong in existing list.

Check look up columns calculated columns. 
I had same issue which happened due to change of  look up column