Sharepoint Designer 2013: Trouble with Reusable Workflows against Content Types

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I'm trying to create a reusable workflow against a Content Type.  We're using SharePoint Online (O365) and I'm developing the workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013.


I can build the workflow, save it, publish it and associate it with a list.  I've even tested the workflow against a list item.


However, once I close SharePoint Designer and later reopen it; When I reopen the workflow, the Content Type is no longer associated with the workflow, and thus to make edits, I must copy the logic into a new workflow associated with the content type.


Is there a way to prevent the content type from disassociating with the workflow so I can continue to edit the workflow?


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I attended the San Diego SharePoint User's Group meeting last week and ask the same question.  Two other's tried it (1 an MVP) and had the same issue.  It appears as if reusable workflows are not currently supported in SPO.

I can confirm that i also have this issue. I think workflow 2010 should work but haven't tried it because it doesn't have the functionality of workflow 2013



Even now also am facing the same problem, not sure whether this has been resolved or not.



Is there any information about this post because reusable workflows are currently supported in SPO. I'm having the same issue.