Sharepoint - Deleted file still appear in results source

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Hello !

I have an issue. I have a sharepoint with multiple library and a lot of document (>50k docs). I have two types of library, "active" and "archives", for exemple "articles" and "articles_archives". I have a power automate flow who run everyday and put document more than one year old in the archives. This method work well. But in my sharepoint I use PNP modern search who use Results source.

This results source is simply a search in "active" library. But for no reason, the result source return delted file or file who have been moved in the "archive" library. This "ghost" file apear but they don't exist so I don't know how can i delete them from the result source.


Exemple :

This document is a "ghost file" and the result source return it


This is a document who is originaly (before he was move to archive i guess) in the "invoice" library ((Because the URL is "https://xx/sites/xxx/INVOICE/FVQ2150029_xxxxxx.PDF") but this document don't exist. Here is my search


I tried to reindex my library but it seems not work so i don't know what to do to solve my issue. Hope someone can help me ! Thank's a lot !


(sry for the misspelling)


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Hello @Justin_Gaultier 


it may take a while for the index to be recreated (up to hours or days).


When it not helps, create a MS ticket, i'm sure, they can help to recreated the index in the background or other magic things :stareyes:.


Best, Dave

Thank's for your answer,

I wait a Week so i hope this is finish ahah.

I already make a ticket on the microsoft forum but I don't get any answer for now, I will wait then if microsoft magic is the only solution ahah !

After my call with the microsoft support, my issue still persist. Apparently this issue is known since June, I will update this post if i get more info