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My manager asked me to create an interactive dashboard for the folder on SharePoint. The folder contains PDFs and Word Docs. I have no clue How can I do it? Can you please help?


My manager asked me to do this without any detailed requirements and ask me that he is going to grade me on this. Your inputs are highly valuable. Thank you.

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@JayJoshi I would suggest you go back to your manager and get detailed requirements, particularly if you're going to be graded. Every teacher giving a test will tell the students what is on it first. 


I would suggest that you can make a credible argument that the modern library interface IS an interactive dashboard that gives you all the information you could need. From there he can see which files have been modified recently and by whom. He can check the details for each file and see how many views for each one. The version number will tell you how many times it's been edited. If you group by Created by, you can see which uses have created the most documents. Grouping on Modified by will show you the most prolific editors. And so forth.


IMHO the modern interface IS an "interactive dashboard". He simply needs to look at it and use it.