Sharepoint - customize form with JSON - Can a calculated field value be included in the header?

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I am trying to customize a Sharepoint list form using JSON.


The list has a calculated field named 'RequestID'. This field is on the form, but hidden using conditional formatting.

I am using the JSON provided by microsoft for alterations to form header.  The only change I have made is 

                    "txtContent": "='Application Change Request Form - ' + [$RequestID]"

This is not providing the proper header.  It is only showing the initial words, the value in the field [$RequestID] does not appear.  What mistake have I made in my coding?


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@tj7933 Unfortunately, this is not possible yet using JSON formatting in SharePoint. This is a known issue with SharePoint JSON formatting.


You can find detailed information related to this at: How to get value of Calculated field in Header using JSON? 

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