SharePoint Creating Files Randomly

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Hi there,

I have an interesting issue that is popping up and I'm not quiet sure how to tackle this. At the business I am with we use SharePoint a lot. There's a process that we use of dropping invoices needing Purchase Order fixes. There is a folder that this is done in and in that folder there has been a bulk of files created by a user that is not at his station. When they are being created the modified dates are not current but in the past. We have had this process for 2 years now and this just started happening. Was hoping there was a way to stop this from happening. Any suggestions would be great, thank you!

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@NetworKevin I edited my previous reply because I misunderstood the issue :)


I guess we are talking about SharePoint Online (Not On-Premises)

Is it possible to check if the "affected" user has created any automation using Power Automate that gets triggered and which you are not aware ?