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I send out update emails to hundreds of employees biweekly, but the current process is VERY manual. Right now, I just send out the email to the MS Office group and then upload the same details to our SharePoint. However, I think there could be some combination of MS tools (SharePoint, Forms, & Automate/Apps) that could make this more automated. I'd like the end product to look like:

  1. Providing a link to allow users to opt-in to emails which will then add them to some type of list (this way I can more easily add new users and remove old ones).
  2. Publish the information to SharePoint ONLY (versus emailing it out and having to reupload to SharePoint). 
  3. Automatically emailing the newly published item to the people in the distribution list from step 1. (It being automated is a "nice to have" not "must have". Alternatively, if I can just manually message them someway from that group, that would be sufficient as well.)

A few restrictions I currently have are that

  1. The list must be "invisible" in that other users cannot see the entire distribution.
  2. The current SharePoint where the information is published is "public" - in that any user in the company can see the site. I'd like to keep it that way so other's not opted in can still see the information, but would have the option to receive email updates as they're published.


ANY help would be sooo appreciated for this!

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@RBInsightsDelivery23 Here's an initial & easy solution you can try for now:

  1. Create a Power automate flow which will run when new item is created in SharePoint list
  2. Use Send an email outlook action in flow to send email notification to M365 group
  3. Create item in SharePoint list to test it.

You can start with this Power automate flow template (use outlook instead of Gmail): Send an email on new SharePoint list item creation 

Also, refer this flow template (use item creation trigger only): Send email to Office 365 Group members when a SharePoint item is modified 


Then later you may try to automate distribution list subscription using Power automate flows to add/remove users from M365 group.

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