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I am building a SharePoint classic web part page with several Content Query Web Parts on and am also using a query string in the URL. The CQWP have a filter to only show results if URL Query String is equal to a 'Category' value from the document library. This part is all working fine. 


However, at the top of the page, I need to add a paragraph/bullet points which will be different for each category. I have tried creating a separate list and adding each bullet point as a list item and then having another column titled 'Category' which I can map to the page query string, which looks to display okay using another CQWP, however the links are clickable on the SharePoint page when I don't want them to be.


Is there a way to disable the hyperlinks just for this one CQWP? Otherwise, is there an alternative way,  we can get a different paragraph/bullet points to display depending on the page query string without having to manually created hundreds of pages?

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@Sam1209 If you have created a list with columns like: Category and Description, you can use SharePoint REST API in script editor/content editor web part to get the description corresponding to category you get from URL.


Check this to get category from URL using Javascript: How can I get query string values in JavaScript? 


Then use REST API query like:'List Name')/items?$select=Category,Description&$filter=Category eq '<category-value-from-URL>'


Then you can bind the returned results to SharePoint UI using HTML/JavaScript.

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