SharePoint connected private site + SharePoint admin centre term store

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Hi everyone, 


I want to create a column in a Microsoft Teams private channel SharePoint connected site using managed metadata currently in our SharePoint Admin Centre Term Store. Can this be done? If yes, what settings need changing? 


Any help would be much appreciated!



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Hello @LRasmussen1805 


you need to use the modern experience. Add a column direct in your library, add column > Managed metadata > you can configure your column and select a term set from your tenant defined term store.


Regards, Dave


Hi Dave,

I am using the modern experience but get this message: "The required feature is not enabled for this column type". Any thoughts?

Many thanks
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Hello @LRasmussen1805 


do you add the column direct into your view?




Where appears the error message? and what the steps to reproduce it? Please add a print screen.


Regards, Dave

Thanks Dave,

It works! I should have tried this. I was going through Settings > Documents > Library Settings as I was creating views from there.

Thanks for your help :)

Much appreciated,