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Hi all
I have an issue with User Profile Service in Sharepoint 2013 , it stuck in staring .
After along investigation i found the issue in Sharepoint_Config DB , when i restored an old "3 Month ago" back for this DB the synchronization worked fine .
The question is : is there is any issue to restore an old Sharepoint_Config db backup to the current farm ?


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Hi @Wael_El_Kamhawy 

Restoring an old Sharepoint_Config database backup to the current farm can be a risky procedure and is generally not recommended. The Sharepoint_Config database is a crucial part of the SharePoint environment as it stores the configuration settings for the entire farm, including timer jobs, services, and features.

When you restore an old Sharepoint_Config database backup to the current farm, you may encounter several issues:

  1. Version Mismatch: The restored database might be from a different version or patch level of SharePoint than your current farm. This could lead to compatibility issues and unexpected behavior.

  2. Data Inconsistency: The restored configuration database may contain outdated information, which can lead to data inconsistencies and conflicts with the current state of the farm.

  3. Orphaned Objects: When restoring an old configuration database, orphaned objects may be left behind in the farm, causing errors and potential data loss.

  4. Timer Jobs and Services: The timer jobs and services associated with the restored configuration database may not align properly with the current farm's requirements, leading to job failures or issues with service applications.

  5. Unsupported Scenario: Microsoft does not support restoring a SharePoint_Config database from an older backup to a newer version. Doing so may void support for your SharePoint environment.

Instead of restoring an old configuration database, consider the following steps to troubleshoot and fix the Profile Synchronization issue:

  1. Check ULS Logs: Analyze the SharePoint ULS logs to identify specific errors or warnings related to the User Profile Service. This can provide valuable insights into the root cause of the synchronization problem.

  2. Restart Services: Try restarting the User Profile Service and related services to see if that resolves the synchronization issue.

  3. Check Permissions: Ensure that the service accounts running the User Profile Service have the necessary permissions on the SharePoint_Config database and other related databases.

  4. Review Recent Changes: If possible, review any recent changes or updates that might have been made to the SharePoint farm or the User Profile Service. This can help pinpoint the cause of the synchronization problem.

  5. Apply Patches and Updates: Ensure that your SharePoint farm is up to date with the latest patches and updates. Sometimes, known issues are fixed in newer updates.

  6. Use SharePoint Health Analyzer: Run the SharePoint Health Analyzer to detect and resolve any configuration-related issues in the farm.

If none of the above steps help resolve the synchronization issue, consider engaging Microsoft Support or SharePoint experts to assist with troubleshooting and resolution. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific SharePoint environment and ensure a more reliable solution without risking the integrity of the SharePoint_Config database.

@Wael_El_Kamhawy I bet @Lalit Mohan has never done this this, he's just copied from ChatGPT which is a terrible way to show any sort of expertise. Sorry I can't help with your issue.


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