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I am creating a modern SharePoint site to display some detailed content, such as data element formats and definitions for review. The content is currently stored in rows of an excel document for each data element, but the audience is not technical and not familiar with excel or SharePoint lists.


I would like to be able to name and link the data elements on the SharePoint site, and when the name is clicked on it would display a “list properties” type view of the excel row in a lightening box or on another page. 

How can I do this?


An example:

My SharePoint site would list data elements such as:


- Allergy

- Provider

- Facility

When clicked on, the element would be connected to the excel document and show the full row vertically that matches the data element name in a list properties type view, such as:


Data element: 




Immune response by the body to a substance




Value set:





I have over 1000 data elements so I prefer to not do this manually page by page. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!

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You could import all data into a list and use json list formatting to add a little custom hover card.
If you now hover over the item that card will display additional Information.

Take a look at this sample: