Sharepoint columns sync with File Explorer view, or an alternative option


Hi all


I'm more an admin person rather than IT, but have been asked to find a solution for one of our directors who prefers to open his documents using File Explorer over Sharepoint online. And before you ask, no he won't change his ways! 


I need to be able to set up File Explorer to filter/display/order (however you want to name it) project folders synced with Sharepoint according to whether they are:

1/ Active or Complete (status)

2/ under his name as project manager.


I thought I had found the answer by adding columns to Sharepoint (see attached a screen shot below), but I have since discovered that those columns do not feed across to File Explorer.  

Sharepoint screen shot with column headings.png


The only other solution I have is adding multiple layers of folders to Sharepoint. This will only complicate the library for other users so I am averse to implementing this.


Is there a way of tagging or adding some form of metadata to folders that will pass between Sharepoint and File Explorer that we can use to then filter the view on his device? 


Any suggestions please and thank you.




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@Carmen3008  - I know it's been a bit but did you ever get an answer?  I have the same need.

@Carmen3008 I totally agree this is a massive need. As Microsoft do more and more to enable both column management in modern SharePoint but also onedrive sync across the ecosystem this is sorely needed. I am merely putting myself into this conversation so that if Microsoft come with a solution, I am tagged :) 

I really need this feature. Hope someone from Microsoft reviews these threads and implements this feature. If there is a feature request voting option, I would definitely ask our folks to vote for this.


This functionality is not on the OneDrive roadmap (link). This will also not be supported when using File Explorer in Edge (link).

This leaves the following scenario's:
1. Accept the lack of functionality in Windows Explorer
2. Use third party tools that mimic Windows Explorer and support metadata (example)
3. Convert the manager to use the web interface.


This is why the debate on Folders Vs Metadata continues today... I personally perfer Onedrive sync in Windows Explorer for everyday working files, but there are so many benefits to utilising metadata against files.