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Good afternoon,


I am trying to create a list validation formula in SharePoint and need some help on the second part. The list in question has a column called "Serial Number" and the list owner would like to make sure that each entry for that field contains 8 characters and possibly one extra character (example: Serial Number can be 12345678 or 12345678B).


Is there a way to set a validation formula for minimum and maximum values such as "must be greater than 7 characters but less than 10"? I've managed to get "=LEN([Serial Number])>=7" to work but can't figure out the other half. Any ideas?

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@Ann_DAS Try using formula like: 


=AND(LEN([Serial Number])>7,LEN([Serial Number])<10)




=OR(LEN([Serial Number])=8,LEN([Serial Number])=9)


Length should be exactly 8 or 9.

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Excellent, It works like a charm. Thank you