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The following JSON will help us to increase the width of a column but it removes the sharing button and link to open.


"style": {
Please assist me to fix this.
Thank you. 
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You had assigned the content as @currentField, so whatever the values will be displayed inside the div with 100% width. I don't see any sharing button or any customization that you had done in your json file. If it is not the complete json, can you please post the complete json and also the field type.

@Sudharsan K 


Its a Name field. I have just increased the width but it removes the sharing button feature.

I have not done any customization other than the above mentioned code.


Thank you :)


Can you please post some screenshots before and after the customization. I assume the field type is Person or Group?

@MadhusudanShettyMS formatting the Title column does have this effect and as far as I am aware there is currently no way to prevent it.


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Thank you.