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I am looking to set up a formula so that when I enter a date in one column (1), the next column (2) adds a date 3 years in the future.


I then would like a notification email, 1 month before the date in column 2.

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@jonna1973 To answer your first question, create a caclulated column for column 2 with a formula similar to "=DATE(YEAR([Column1])+3,MONTH([Column1]),DAY([Column1]))"

See other formula options at 


For the second part, create a Power Automate Flow the runs daily (reoccurrence) that gets the list items where column 2 equals today PLUS 30 days and set the action on the results to send the email.


Read through the following article for some examples: 


Other Reference:


This should get you started down the right path. If this helps, please consider marking it as the solution. -Don


Hi Don,

thank you for the reponse - I am new to this. Could you provide a step by step process to help? :)
Hi Don,

Managed to get the first part set up - struggling with the 2nd part. Anymore assistance?