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I have a classic Sharepoint subsite that has an image with selectable portions of the image that will link out to other sites. All I did was insert an image then selected the webpart, selected the mark up option, then the edit source option and pasted some image mapping.  I am now trying to create a modern subsite to do the same thing.  I have inserted the image but do not see where I can edit the markup for this image to paste in my image mapping. Is this still a possibility using a modern subsite? And if Thank you for your consideration.


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@glandrum as far as I am aware image maps are not possible in a modern SharePoint page/image.


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@RobElliott It looks like you are correct sir. Image-mapping not an option with modern site. Although I did find a video that gives a workaround. You have to create a powerpoint slide of the picture you want with clickable hot spots. Insert invisible shapes around the hotspots you want then insert links to your subsites into the shapes. Then save as a pdf and insert into subsite using the file view webpart. Functionally it works but for us I can't seem to resize the webpart to show the full picture in portrait without having to scroll up and down. Below is the link to the video I found. Hopefully it helps others.


(122) How to create Image Maps with Hotspots in #SharePoint Online - YouTube