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I am using Classic Calendar soley because when an event is added to a page, classic calendar appears with different layouts such as 'compact and filstrip' layout. Also, another reason why is because 'classic calendar' offers 'add to my calendar' at the bottom left of 'filmstrip'. 



I did find out that when going to 'list settings' > 'advanced settings', I changed the list experience to 'new experience'. Now that my list turned to modern calendar, it solved my little issue with 'add to my calendar'. But the only issue now is that I do not have certain functions available such as json formula based on a 'column'.


On Modern calendar, I did try gallery view, but it cuts out part of the information when added to a page.





Is it possible to create a Modern calendar with a filmstrip-style page layout and include the 'add to my calendar' option, rather than transitioning from a Classic calendar to a Modern one?

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Unfortunately modern calendars don't have same features we used to have in classic calendars and Microsoft is not bringing them to modern calendars



You can try using modern SharePoint list and modern calendar views if possible: Create a modern Calendar view in SharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists 


Check this for more information related to this topic: Migrate Classic Calendar to Modern 


If you are able to JSON formatting in your list, you can create gallery cards for calendar item and 'add to my calendar' option using SharePoint JSON formatting.

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