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I have a SharePoint site where I’ve been adding a subsite for each new country I add, I’ve used to route being I can create permission groups for each sub site thus keeping us compliant with Data Privacy. Now that Microsoft have removed the ability to add subsites, I’ve been advised to add channels in TEAMS which I have done but this gives rise to the following issues:


  • To give access to a channel I need to give first give the user access to the Group and this means that other elements that were not previously seen by those with access to subsites can now be seen i.e. MS Forms saved to the group.
  • There are only member / Owner access rights in TEAMS and I also need Visitor and Contribute with Delete.
  • When opening the Channel in Sharepoint the ability to alter or provide access permissions no longer seem to be there.

This leaves me stuck, is there then a way to change / assign permissions in SharePoint for TEAMS Channels or to give access to a TEAMS channel without giving access to the parent group first?


Any ideas appreciated.



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Hello @newbeetle. It sounds like Communication Sites will have a better fit with your needs from a permissions perspective. Am I correct that you have limited authors but many viewers of the content? If so, you can create a Communication Site for each country and designate your parent site as a hub site then associate all Communication Sites to that hub.

Team Site or Communication Site:
Planning your hubs:

Hi Emily,

Many thanks for the information, reading through I need the SharePoint option as users will need to be able to upload to document libraries and edit documents with the libraries. Looking at the information within the article I guess it looks like a new SharePoint site will need to be created for each country.


Bit of a pain as I have to get Admin to do this, seems odd that the Subsite option has been removed as that worked really well.