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I am trying to change images on multiple places on my SharePoint sites, but for some reason after I choose the stock image I want, and click on insert(1) it is not doing anything. I also cannot close the images window neither by clicking on Cancel nor with clicking on the X in the upper right corner, only by clicking anywhere outside of the images window. 

Is anyone aware of any issues that can cause this?

(Worked fine yesterday.)


Thanks  in advance!

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I just checked in my tenant as well. It's also not working as expected. may be something wrong is from Microsoft side


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@TundeKrisztina This is not working for me either, I have tested in 3 different SharePoint tenants (standard release as well as targeted release).


Looks like it is an issue at Microsoft's end. Try raising support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this issue, follow: Get M365 support - online support 

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I do confirm same issue on EU tenant.
Although picking the stock image seems to work in custom SPFX extension file picker which is odd.
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Seems like the issue was resolved, it is working again.