Sharepoint can't add column

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Sharepoint list can't add column or edit in Edge IE, but i open chrome is works. any idea?




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@Molly665 I can add/edit SharePoint list columns without any problem.


Try clearing browser cache & cookies and then try creating a new column again.


Follow documentation for more information: Create a column in a list or library - Try classic approach as well if modern way is not working.

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@ganeshsanap Hi! I'm also experiencing the same issue. I am unable to add a column to a document library. I get as far as inputting all of the information and when I click "Save" nothing happens. If I leave/refresh the page, the column was not successfully created.


I've tried all of your suggestions-modern/classic, cleared by browser cache & cookies, and I am still unable to create the column.


I'm trying to create a column for "Retain Record Date" so that it will be easy to delete records that we no longer need to keep.


Thank you for your help!