SharePoint Calendars in Outlook

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My organization recently created a couple different SharePoint calendars that will need to be populated with some but not all events on my calendar moving forward.  I'm looking to see if there is a way to create a single event (either in SharePoint or Outlook) and have it show up in all three locations (both SharePoints and Outlook).  This would be similar to creating a calendar event in outlook and it populating across everybody's calendar.  The difference that I see is that SharePoint calendar's do not have an outlook contact (that I know of).


Any assistance (even if it's "no it can't be done") would be much appreciated.

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If it's a team/Teamsite, you can use the Group calendarto populate and show events. All members of that Team will get it in their calenda rand using group calendar webpart will show the the event in SharePoint.

Reason for this is that every Teamsite get an M365 Group with it and that includes a mailbox and calendar



Unfortunately, it's not a team/TeamSite.  It appears to be a simple calendar added to a standard SharePoint site.  

would this also solve for tenant-wide calendar share 17,000 members ? I am seeing people can see SPO list calendar fine sync in outlook but its nowhere to be found in outlook online... and mobile devices not using the app / browser only calendar isnt event there let alone no sync


I wouldn't recommend using this for a tenant wide calendar for 17 000 members, as some members can find it obtrusive, Also if meetings starts popping up without Users know what it is complains will start comming


Also it needs M365 group which you don't get for Communication site (Which is recommended for something for everyone). 


My recommend is to use calender function on your intranet Home Site(Communication site) for all the members and teach them how to add an event to their calendrer and those who want to join can join add :) 


Or email all the events, but that will also generate complaints :xd: