Sharepoint calendar in outlook requesting credentials at all times

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I've been doing an intervention on Sharepoint and after a change some problems started to appear. I solved most problems, but this issue of credentials remains. After connecting the sharepoint calendar to the outlook, a credentials screen appears at all times in the outlook and is always prompted. The problems started, after I performed this procedure I even had to restore the farm with a backup that I had, because the sharepoint was inaccessible. The problem is in the sharepoint and not in the outlook, as it started to give a problem after the change in the sharepoint and this happens on all machines, on all users, on all outlooks. I would like to ask for your help, please.

I already asked for help for the Office Portal, but they said that because it is a Sharepoint I should request support on another site. But I was not able to request support on the other site, says that I have to inform the contract and I did not find this information.

Can anyone help me with this?

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@gsousaMOG Is the SharePoint site URL in your Internet Settings Trusted Sites list? If the URL isn't trusted then you can get a login prompt when connecting.


@Steve Knutson 

Thanks for your response.
But I believe that it is not that, because after the change I made, all users started having this problem.