Sharepoint Calendar Date/Time language issue

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Hello -all,


I wondering with someone faced that issue on SharePoint before?
When I click on calendar to set a date on SharePoint, the language change by itself for a weird language as you can see in the picture attached.
Thanks All.

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Does anyone have any updates about it? Still happen to me on Sep 30. Pretty sad.   @jjsnow 

@RaissaMartins I have been in contact with Microsoft support (and referred to this thread). We do not see the odd language and issues with quick edits anymore - but now the week starts on Wednesday in the list calendar. As mentioned before, I believe there is an general fix coming. 

Sure, I see. Thank you for the updade @MaleneNielsen. We hope a uncoming fix ASAP. Actually, until this year ends, I think the Microsoft Lists app will release, maybe this two are related.