Sharepoint Calculated Value Column to Reference multiple fields

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I want to continue with the below formula to reference more column; 


=TEXT([Selective Onsite Day 1],"dddd mmmm yy")


Its working with one column =  Friday April 2022


but how do i reference 3 more column?


I had several attempts but cant get it working. 


=TEXT([Selective Onsite Day 1]& " " &([Selective Onsite Day 2],"dddd mmmm yy")) - Failed 


Can someone help?

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@batvan276 what is the  - Failed? Is it just text or are you trying to do an if/then/else formula?


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Apologies for not being clear but I managed to resolved my initial inquiry. 


I have a new question; 


I created a Calculated Value Column with the below formula ;


==TEXT([Selective Onsite Day 1],"dddd mmmm dd")&" "&TEXT([Selective Onsite Day 2],"dddd mmmm dd")


This is the working result ; 




How can I take it a step further to make line breaks between each date?