Sharepoint Calculated Column using IF and Concatenate

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I have a SharePoint table which is populated from a Form. I'd like to complete a record in a column based on responses elsewhere in the form. I've successfully created an IF statement based on what's been selected:








I'd like to append in the same column to the output of the above further IF statements, relating to Location (Working from Home, Office Based etc), then Operating System (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS). For context this is to automatically create a device ID for inventory logging based on a Form.


Thanks in advance.

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@jonengland You can achieve it using SharePoint calculated formula.


Here is an example you can follow for your requirements: 


=IF([Item]="Laptop","L",IF([Item]="Desktop","D","")) & "-" & IF([Location]="India","IND",IF([Location]="Australia","AUS","")) & "-" & IF([Operating System]="Windows","Win",IF([Operating System]="MacOS","Mac",""))

It will give you results like L-IND-Win (example).


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