SharePoint Calculated Column to extract year from another column and include 1st quarter

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Hello, I am trying to create a calculated column that looks at the Expiration Date and pulls the year into the new column. I have this formula =IF(ISBLANK([Date]),"LegalHold",TEXT([Date],"yyyy")) which is working great but now I need items that are expiring in Q1 (Jan-Mar) to get the previous year. Example:

DateLegal Hold DateYear
5/13/2024 2024
2/14/2024 2023


Can someone help me revise my current formula of =IF(ISBLANK([Date]),"",TEXT([Date],"yyyy")) to enable this? 

Also, if there is a legal hold, the Date will be blank, and there may or may not be a Legal Hold Date. If there is a Legal Hold Date, I would like to pull in the year for the Legal Hold Date instead of just typing Legal Hold.  


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