SharePoint calculated column still calculating after recreation

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I have a rather odd issue and I'm struggling to figure out what is happening. I have a very simple setup in a document library which has 3 columns: -


Last ReviewedFrequency (months)Review Date


The last column Review Date needed to be calculated based on Last Reviewed and Frequency. I previously got this working ok but using calculated date doesn't help when using Flow. I have therefore deleted the field and tried to recreate it but the calculated field is still doing the calculation even though no formulas are present. I'm very confused, so any help would be appreciated






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@Chris_Loxley-Watkins it's probably caused by your local cache. Do ctrl+r about 8 times and see if that clears it.


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@RobElliott thanks for the quick reply, I was hoping that was it but I have cleared the cache and tried using In Private mode and it's still calculating the value



@Chris_Loxley-Watkins Are you using Date and Time column or calculated column, can you confirm? Question title says calculated column & the image attached in your above reply shows the Date and time column.


Where are you doing the calculations exactly? Check if there are there any workflows/flows running behind the scene on this list which are causing update to list fields.

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@ganeshsanap I was previously using a calculated field but this was causing be issues so I wanted to move to use flow instead to do this based on a created or modified trigger. As you say, my screenshot is not quite right as I did this as a calculated value using the following: -

=DATE(YEAR([Last Reviewed]),MONTH([Last Reviewed])+[Frequency],DAY([Last Reviewed]))

The problem I have now is that this calculation still seems to be happening. When the update happens, I was checking the modified by user which appears as myself, so I checked for any flows under my name and turned them off and it still happened. I logged in as a different user and the update did the same but this time with a different user in the modified by column, so it seems the calculation field is still working even though it's not showing as a calculated field.

I would have assumed, by removing the column completely, any old formulas etc that were used should also be deleted, so you can effectively start again.
@ganeshsanap @RobElliott I think I have figured it out.

I changed the Review Date column to a text field from a calculated date field and then I did a bulk edit for all files in the document library and just did a few empty spaces in the Review Date text field. This seems to be enough for it to remove the calculated field settings which I assume were stored in each file and now seems to work. I can now make changes without the calculated field still coming into play. I'm going to work through this in flow instead, as the calculated fields seems to be a bit more awkward for this method anyway.

Thanks for your assistance with this