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Hello - I have a calculated column that calculates the amount of days until the due date. My formula is:

=DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Contract Expiration Date],"D")

How can I revise this formula so I don't get an error value when the Expiration Date is blank or if days until due is a negative number?


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I figured out the correct formula. Here it is in case anyone else needs it.

=IF(ISBLANK([Contract Expiration Date]),"",IF(ISERROR(DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Contract Expiration Date],"d")),-DATEDIF([Contract Expiration Date],TODAY(),"d"),DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Contract Expiration Date],"d")))

@analysta Or something like this might also work for you: 


=IF(ISBLANK([Contract Expiration Date]),"",IF(TODAY()>=[Contract Expiration Date],DATEDIF([Contract Expiration Date],TODAY(),"d"),DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Contract Expiration Date],"d")))


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