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I am looking for recommendations on a SharePoint Online book aimed at power users, rather than technical specialists. It's for a colleague who has an IT background, but no SharePoint experience and insists on a book to learn it! I've had a look but can't see anything that stands out, so was wondering if anybody had one they could recommend.


Thanks very much, Laurie

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Thanks for that, the first one I have been looking at and thinking that might be good. Maybe that's the one I should go for!


Thanks, Laurie

Well, unfortunately there are not many books about SPO so your choices are very limited as you well have discovered!

Hi Laurie those books are good, but be forewarned that SharePoint Online is and continues to evolvve rapidly.  For small investments though, those books are good.  However staying in tune with these two links is where Microsoft keeps their latest training:


For Admins:


For Users:

Hi. Thanks, yes I know SharePoint Online changes, I have shared other help materials with my colleague, but they were wanting a book as well, the sort of thing they could read in the evening.


Thanks all for your input!

If I may make a slightly tangential suggestion: consider pointing your power users toward the concept of information architecture. Given that SharePoint does change so much, I would argue that the constants power users should keep in mind is how best to deploy and organize the tools SharePoint provides, and anything your power users can read about information architecture is going to do as much or more for them as becoming familiar with SharePoint's tool set. One of the best books I read while adopting SharePoint was an O'Reilly book about Information Architecture. While it's an older book and about a quarter of it is very specific to Web development concepts you won't need, most of it is a solid reading that will apply to building and maintaining a healthy information system, which is exactly what SharePoint is.