Sharepoint block download with conditional Access

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Try my best to disable downloads for a group of users by setting up conditional Access on AAD
My Setup:
Users: include test Users
Cloud-Apps: All Cloud-Apps
Conditions: All Devices, All Apps
Session: App-Controll, Downloads blocking
Sorry have to translate the Settings. The Users still can download from the Sharepoint side...
any tipps ?
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CA App Control use Defender for Cloud Apps so are you licensed? If so, have you configured the app connection in there?

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks for the Reply, we have a AD Premium P1 License, can you give me some info what you mean wit configured the App connection in there ?

Hi, AAD P1 enables CA but to be able to use MDCA you must be licensed for that. See this detailed licensing chart to see if you can use it or not
Thanks for the Reply, so de function to Licence is Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps right? And there is no other way to Protect SP from Download?
You can use session based CA with app enforced restrictions for achieving a limited web experience. It requires integration with SPO setting for CA. Or using a sensitivity label for containers where you can specify the limitations. These will not block downloads but remove the download alternative.